10 Places to Visit in Miami Florida

miamiBy Ricky Ortan

1. Miami Beach

The city of Miami Beach offers a bevy of activities whether your passion be dance, music, theater or visual arts. If a selection of free film screenings is on the schedule, check out the Miami Beach Soundscape.   Complimentary cultural enterprises vary from string quartets, brass ensembles, and picnic with unique music. The visual art at the Botanical Gardens embraces graceful forms of dance including ballet. Tours of the city or the museum of art, library storytelling and bike excursions endeavor to please everyone.

2. Little Havana

Havana, Cuba is the namesake of the Miami neighborhood, Little Havana. A proud cultural community, this home of landmarks and families is alive with hearty social and political activities. Festivals, the Walk of Fame (to honor Latin artists) and the many parks, churches and theaters keep this district alive and humming. Street performers entertain and food vendors serve delicious cuisine while artists display their work on the last Friday of the month, Viernes Culturales.

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Top Parks In NYC That You Cannot Miss

Top Parks In NYC That You Cannot Miss Out During The Tour


By Palash Saha

Contrary to the common perception about NYC, that of a posh city laden with skyscrapers and some massive landmarks, the place actually has a significant amount of greenery. Almost 14 percent of NYC is covered by greenery. When tourists get weary of the city’s chaotic traffic, sightseeing and other activities, they can find relief in its numerous parks. These parks are ideal for travelers of various profiles including the kids and students.

Below listed are the top parks that you should not miss you during NYC tour.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Unlike some city parks in New York region that were built to simulate rustic greenery, Brooklyn Bridge Park has a charm of its own. The riverside park has plenty of attractions for visitors from diverse age groups, as it is. It is one of the newest parks and the inauguration was in 2012. Located under the historic Brooklyn Bridge and facing Manhattan, this park offers visitors breathtaking views of the waterfront. It is also an ideal destination for weekend picnics.

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The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Memphis, Tennessee

The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Memphis, Tennessee


By S. M. Green

Having been born in Memphis has made me slightly biased to the benefits of this city located on the bluff of the Mississippi River. After moving away, however, and returning to visit family, I now see it as a tourist would. Memphis is rich with history, full of family activities and attractions, music and some of the best food you will ever eat. All of the sights and attractions are too many to list, but consider the following top 10 reasons when planning your next family vacation. Continue reading

How Do I Love Disneyland Resort? Let Me Count the Ways



By Cara Goldsbury

I’ve visited and written about Walt Disney World  Resort countless times, but Disneyland Resort has really become a favorite Disney Destination. In fact, I’ve come to love it for many reasons. Let me count the ways:

#1 Sheer Nostalgia

Disneyland Park was built by Walt himself, and while quite a few changes has been made over the last 60 years the magic lives on. “The Happiest Place on Earth” remains in many ways as it was in the ’50s-nostalgic, enchanting, and enduring. Who can resist zipping down Splash Mountain, that charming pink Sleeping Beauty Castle, or the sentimental Fantasyland attractions? I love nothing better than to see Mickey Mouse leading a brass band marching their way down Main Street!

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Five Ways to Make Your Next Flight Romantic

by Paris Permenter and John Bigley

Think airline flights are just a way to get from point A to point B? Think again. With some testcreative pre-trip planning and the willingness to look for romantic opportunities all around you, airline travel can get your next trip off to a loving start. Here are some tips to turn your next flight into a romantic getaway:

1. At the airport, kiss every time you pass a gate where a plane is boarding. Pretend one of you is leaving and give each other a passionate kiss — then move on to the next gate and start all over.

2. Give your lover a mini-massage during the flight. A hand massage can alleviate stress and relax your partner; a foot massage can help feet swollen by long flights.

3. Can’t get airline seats together? Pass love notes.

4. Play a card game onboard–with some sexy stakes so you both come out winners (and have something to look forward to at the end of the flight!)

5. Hire a limousine to pick you up at the airport.

Husband and wife team Paris Permenter and John Bigley have authored over 20 guidebooks and also edit Lovetripper.com Romantic Travel Magazine, an online publication featuring worldwide destinations.

Couch Surfing is the True Budget Travel: Always Free

By Kathy Steinemann

Free – no cost – kostenlos – gratis – no charge. These words or phrases are never what you expect to see when it comes to accommodation (especially in a foreign country). Guess what! It’s no typo. This article describes how to get FREE lodging.

The Couchsurfing Concept

Couchsurfing is a great way to meet new people, make lasting friendships, and see the world on a shoestring budget. You travel and stay on the couches of benevolent strangers who do not charge a fee. In fact, the sleeping accommodations can range from sleeping bags on the floor to an actual guestroom.

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5 Ways to Make Any Restaurant Meal Romantic

by Paris Permenter & John Bigley, editors of Lovetripper.com

Is “romantic meal” synonymous with “Valentine’s Day” or “expensive” in your book? Think again! Any meal can turn into a romantic outing, whether you’re out for a night of fast food, visiting your favorite local eatery, or enjoying a meal on a romantic vacation.

Here are some tips to turn your next restaurant meal into a romantic escape, regardless of your budget:


*Play footsies through the meal.

*Share a dessert–with one fork.

*Spend the whole meal only talking about what you like about each other.

*Toast each other, recalling the best part of the day.

*Ask for champagne flutes or wine glasses — for your iced tea or soft drinks.

Husband and wife team Paris Permenter and John Bigley have authored over 20 guidebooks and also editLovetripper.com Romantic Travel Magazine an online publication featuring worldwide destinations.

Solo Travel: How to Safely Hire a Taxi in a Strange City

By Kathy Steinemann

Solo travel presents a few unique challenges. Here is some information for the person who prefers to travel alone. Many of the tips also provide good general knowledge for anyone else in a strange city trying to hire a cab.

Finding a taxi should involve more than hailing a vehicle, throwing your luggage in the trunk, and climbing in the back seat. Here are some guidelines that will help keep you safe, especially if you are traveling alone.

• Before leaving for your trip, print out route maps from airport to hotel and any other side-trips you plan to take. If you are aware of the directions, you are less likely to be cheated by a driver who goes way off course to increase the fare.
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Staying at a Hostel Isn’t for Everyone

By Kathy Steinemann

The main reason most people stay at a hostel is limited financial resources. To put it another way, hostels are inexpensive. OK – let’s just say it. Hostels are cheap!

The main reason most people stay at a hostel is limited financial resources. To put it another way, hostels are inexpensive. OK – let’s just say it. Hostels are cheap!

If you’re on a small budget, you won’t have a lot of cash for taxis. Make sure that any hostel you choose is close to downtown and/or interesting tourist attractions.

Don’t expect Jacuzzi tubs, private bathrooms, or chocolates on the pillows. The budget rates are generally accompanied by sparse accommodations with multiple beds per room. Many of the guests will be students or backpackers – which may mean late hours, partying, and loud music. (Many hostels prohibit these activities – check to be sure.)

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How to Book Air Tickets at Cheap Fares

With plethora of travel companies providing airline tickets and each claiming to offer cheap airfare, it becomes difficult to find out the best deal. Many a times, even regular travelers get attracted by the discount airfare deals offered online and pay a higher price. Therefore, it becomes necessary, especially for the budget backpackers, to do a bit of online research and plan their trips in advance to save a considerable amount on their air travel.

Avoid Last Minute Travel: Air ticket prices tend to rise as the travel date approaches. Therefore, last minute travel deals are usually expensive. It is always advised to book air tickets at least 3 weeks in advance. And if you have plans to travel during high tourist season, try get buy your tickets 3 months in advance.  Last minute travel deals are reasonable when number of passengers traveling on that flight are too less and airlines prefer to earn less profit rather than flying vacant.

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