Orlando Entertainment At Night

Orlando Entertainment At Night

By Neil Stewart

Nightlife in Orlando and the surrounding areas is certainly not boring. The word boring is never used in this part of the world. Having spent a tiring day at one of the many theme parks or attraction’s in Orlando you’d be forgiven for wanting to have an early night to recover – right. Well actually wrong. You may be tired and have blistered feet but one things for sure – it’s time to head out and party.

Now partying here in Orlando takes all shapes and forms. There’s the many night clubs and lively bars to enjoy or maybe you prefer to eat and relax with your family in one of the hundreds of themed restaurants dotted around Orlando.

Dinner shows are very popular in Orlando with shows like Medieval Times and ‘Capone Dinner and Show’.

International Drive in Orlando has an array of fascinating restaurants and bars to enjoy. You’ll find that many of these bars have a theme to them. This is not just themed around the type of food they serve (Mexican for example). It’s more of a wider theme for instance if you visit Cafe Tu-Tu Tango, you’ll be surrounded by artists painting live in front of you while you eat, or fire eaters performing feet away. There’s the new Ice Bar on International Drive where everything is (yes you guessed it ) made of ice.

Universal Orlando has its own entertainment area called Universal City Walk with loads of colourful restaurants and bars including the famous Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Universal Orlando is conveniently situated on Universal Boulevard which is beside International Drive.

Walt Disney World has plenty of nightlife happening as well with its own area called Downtown Disney. It features huge eye catching restaurants with something for all tastes. We’d highly recommend T Rex with its life size Dinosaur’s which come to life. Kids and adults alike will love it.

Don’t forget to check out Kissimmee old town on a Friday and Saturday night. Here you’ll see a parade of custom cars and motorbikes plus live bands and plenty of fun. The most amazing part about visiting Kissimmee is the way it transports you back in time to the 1950’s. Yes you see this part of town (called Old Town funnily enough) has still got all the old 1950’s style shop fronts plus the sounds of the era playing from speakers as you walk past. A must see.

So that’s just a snippet of what Orlando has to offer in way of Nightlife.

Orlando definitely is fun during the day and one hell of a part at night.

For more information on all of Orlando’s entertainment and Theme Parks please visit our main site http://www.stoporlando.com. You’ll be able to discover where to eat and what to do and of course what not to do.

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Breaking Down the Awkwardness of Tipping in Europe

Breaking Down the Awkwardness of Tipping in Europe

By Glen Wheaton

When a person visits Europe there will be some things that by their nature of being in a different culture are going to cause some confusion. There probably isn’t anything that can be more confusing, and potential embarrassment as to when you should tip and how much. The issue not only changes from country to country, but also is in many cases might have changed from your last visit.

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Five Stops On Alabama’s Civil War Trail

By Wayne Ruple

As home to the Confederacy, the state of Alabama has a rich Civil War history and now promotes a Civil War Trail containing some 50 historic sites.

Among those sites are the Old Live Oak Cemetery, Pope’s Tavern Museum, Shorter Cemetery, Slavery & Civil War Museum and the Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum.

The Old Live Oak Cemetery on Highway 22 near Selma is the resting place of several war notables including Elodie Todd Dawson who was the sister-in-law of President Abraham Lincoln but who supported the Confederacy; Roger Jones who commanded the Merrimac and General Edmund Pettus whose name lives on today in the form of the Edmund Pettus Bridge – a rallying point for Civil Rights activists who marched over the structure 100 years following the war.

Also in Selma visitors will find the Slavery & Civil War Museum at 1410 Water Avenue.

There they will find an extensive collection of historic artifacts and relics that portray the American experiences of slavery in addition to the war.

In north Alabama Pope’s Tavern Museum in Florence welcomes visitors to tour the facility which once served as a hospital for both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War.

The former stagecoach stop, tavern and inn now houses an upstairs museum with an extensive collection of artifacts.

On the eastern edge of the state on Riverside Drive in Eufaula can be found the Shorter Cemetery. It is here that Alabama Civil War Governor John Gill Shorter is buried.

During the Civil War the town of Stevenson was a vital rail link for Confederate trains throughout the Southeast. So it was here that in 1863 Union General Rosecrans ordered his men to build a pontoon bridge across the Tennessee River so that thousands of Union troops could advance to the battlefield at nearby Chickamauga.

Alabama is also home to seven historic battle sites and has around 20 re-enactment events throughout the year.

As the birthplace of the Confederacy the state had four flags – the Stars and Bars, the Battle Flag, the Stainless Banner and the Last National Flag.

In a vote in January 2861 Alabama lawmakers approved articles of secession during a Secession Convention held at the State Capitol. Following this meeting, delegates from other seceding states gathered in Montgomery on Feb. 4, 1861 and officially formed the Confederate States of America and Jefferson Davis from nearby Mississippi was chosen as the president.

To learn more about interesting things to see and do in Alabama, across the country and around the world go to: http://worldwidetraveler.weebly.com

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How to Turn a Family Visit into a Mini Romantic Vacation

by Paris Permenter & John Bigley, Editors of Lovetripper.com

You know what waits ahead. The family that you haven’t had the chance to visit much in the past weeks or even months. The conversations. The eating. The focus, not on each other, but on the reunion of a family for the holidays.

It’s a situation that can make even the most secure couple a little uncomfortable and, for those new in a relationship, can be downright terrifying.

But you can experience a holiday get-together and find a little time for just you two, no matter how big the crowd.

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DoubleTree Suites Melbourne Beach Oceanfront

Went down to Melbourne Florida for New Year’s and spent a couple days at the Doubletree Suites.   Great hotel!  You can read my review below and reviews from other travelers.


Great staff and Great Location – Review of DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront, Melbourne, FL – TripAdvisor DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront: Great staff and Great Location – See 1,086 traveler reviews, 276 candid photos, and great deals for DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront at TripAdvisor.



Single Seniors Who Love to Travel


By Lillie L Lacy

Folks over fifty that are now considered elders by travel as well as excursion firms are usually searching for excellent journeys to take. They are usually retired and have both free time as well as cash to finally take off on excursions they have dreamed about for several years. Furthermore, lots of women particularly have lost their partners or spouses due to health problems or death. This short article is dedicated to those single seniors who desire adventure to keep them physically energetic as well as psychologically still sharp. Due to the multitude of baby boomers now at retirement age, there are a lot of options for individuals in this classification. While single seniors may be afraid to travel alone there are some significant small group trips available.

Here are merely a few of the companies that are accommodating elders to give you some general concepts. Road Scholar (roadscholar.org), now celebrating 40 years of business, offers educational journeys to numerous places as well as some journeys under the heading “Adventures Afloat”. It is advertised as “the not-for-profit leader in educational travel since 1975, offering 5,500 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countries. Alongside local and renowned experts, experience in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning opportunities, from cultural tours and study cruises to walking, biking and more.”

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Family Things to Do in Kansas City


By Chris CO Olsen

Kansas City isn’t just famous for its barbecues, art and jazz; there are plenty of things to do and places to visit. Here’s a list of fun things to do when visiting the place with family:

– Visit the National War Museum:

The National War Museum is America’s official museum dedicated to the First World War that killed more than 9 million people and maimed several more. This is a great place to help tweens and teens to appreciate peace and understand the futility of war. It is a well curated museum with interesting exhibits that include artifacts related to the war including war tanks, airplanes, and dioramas of German, French and British bunkers. There are plenty of interactive games where children and adults can create war posters or learn about airplanes.

Spoiler Alert: Children 12 and under are likely to be bored

– Visit Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium

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Minnesota Children’s Museum

Minnesota Children’s Museum

By Dawn Marcotte

Hours: Opens at 9 daily. Closing times vary from 5:00 pm to 8:00 PM

Prices: $8.95 per person ages 3 – 101

Location: 10 West 7th Street, St. Paul, MN

Parking: In the World Trade Center Ramp for $4 the first 3 hours

The Minnesota Children’s Museum is a favorite family attraction in the Twin Cities. This 4 story building contains interactive and imaginative play areas for children of all ages. 5 permanent exhibits are complemented with 2 traveling exhibits to create a new experience at every visit.

Earth World Exhibit

Earth World is located on the top floor of the museum. This room contains a giant ant hill for the kids to crawl through and explore. There are several mini slides that are a great size for the youngest visitors. The kids can also try to find the queen ant. When they tire of playing in this area they can explore the forest area, complete with an old log tunnel and a beaver lodge. This room has a second floor where there are animal displays of turtles and snakes. This room also has a small stream for kids to play in. The museum does provide waterproof aprons and a hand drier for use. This room is adjacent to the outdoor play area that is open seasonally.

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